Kelp Dwellers Rehearsing New Music

Gayle has been generously hosting outdoor Kelp Dwellers' jams in the sunshine of his front porch in Topanga! It's so fun and therapeutic to just let the tunes float on the breeze, not too loud so the neighbors don't complain, while creating new parts and arrangements for the next batch of Kelp Dwellers music. Craig has a really nicely balanced travel kit that sounds warm and punchy and just right. Sometimes Joee Corso joins us (he played guitar on the tune Westward Mostly Sunny on our first record) and takes it to another level. So far lots of the new tunes are based on electric guitar rhythms, rather than the usual tenor guitars, though I'm sure the tenors will still play a big role in the new batch of tunes. 

Gayle, Todd, Joee, and Craig